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Web Designer in Torrance, California


My name is Ryan and I have been blessed to be able to build websites for many of my customers since 2007. I was able to jump into the web design and the digital marketing business full time by 2011. My major in college was Environmental Sciences and that was my love since I was 7th grade.


Right after college and through my 30s, I became a college instructor teaching environmental sciences to a hazmat / environmental specialist in the corporate & university world.  Little did I know that the "entrepreneurial" blood flowed within me when I was introduced to the ecommerce & world wide web. I love my line of work as a web designer and digital marketer. Honestly, my passion of helping others is what keeps me happy and it just so happen that I can design and build websites.

The picture to the left is my family of four while we visited my birth country, Philippines back in 2019. I am grateful that my parents immigrated to the United States back in 1981 where we settled in Torrance, California. To this day, I am still here in Torrance with my family and running my web design and digital marketing business.

My hobbies include camping, biking, kayaking, boating, fishing, video gaming, dancing, cooking, watching the Lakers, Dodgers, Rams and USC Football. I also loved coaching basketball, flag football, track and participating in the Cub / Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts with my two children. 


My first taste of building websites was that of my own back in 2001 as I launched my yahoo ecommerce store. Since then, I have never looked back as I sold in ebay and reached the Silver Power Seller status with 3 different ebay stores and product line.

By 2007, I started helping other companies with their website and soon after started my full fledged web design company My Web Design Source ( ).My Web Design Source has helped design, market and strategize more than 400 businesses and their website with their online presence. My experience as an ecommerce owner has helped me understand customer service, shipping and product pricing and marketing online which helps me strategize with the people I get to help out.


In 2012, I help launch another web design company Website In 5 Days ( ) which caters to the start-up - limited budget business yet produce professional as well as up to date web design technologies... and yes in about 5 business days. Website In 5 Days unique offering also gives an opportunity to support our website clients on a monthly basis with weekly webinars, training materials and website customer support included in its monthly membership program.

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